Before a construction product may be distributed on the market or installed in a public building, it has to be examined and classified in terms of its flammability

We examine, monitor and certify according to the following standards:

DIN 4102-1 Fire behavior of construction materials and structural elements – Part 1: Construction materials
DIN 4102-14 Fire behavior of construction materials and structural elements – Part 14: Flooring materials and floor coatings

We additionally examine and classify according to the following standards:

EN 13823 SBI
EN 11925-2 Small burners
EN ISO 1182 750°C-ovens
EN 1716 Calorific value
EN 9239-1 Floor test
DIN 4102-7 und
Roof test
EN 13501-1 Classification standard wall, ceiling and floor
EN 13501-5 Classification standard roof

If a construction product with reference to its construction material class is used, then the manufacturer has to hand over a copy of the usability certificate and the certificate of compliance to the building contractor.

Usability certificates are/proofs of usability are:

  • abP (general appraisal certificate)
  • approval or
  • consent in individual cases

Certificates of compliance may only be issued for positively monitored products.

Detailed information regarding the approach used in the individual procedures are available on the pages Examination, Monitoring and Certification.

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