If used appropriately, construction products must not present any hazards/dangers for the public safety and order, life and health.
Even though all construction materials are in Germany and Europe examined with respect to the fire behavior before they are installed, approx. 600 people per year lose their life in fires according to the GDV (general association of the German insurance industry) press forum of the property and casualty insurers Wiesbaden. This shows that a continuous monitoring of the used construction materials is absolutely essential.

Monitoring for a long-term quality assurance!
We examine construction products which have to be classified regarding the fire behavior according to the provisions of the state building regulations (see venue regulations). The sample material may be taken from the production, from the trade or from the building.

Step by step to the certificate of compliance

A) Examining
Execution of the above mentioned tests at accredited/notified inspection authorities

B) Monitoring

  1. You have a usability certificate/proof of usability (abP, or Z or ZiE) or
  2. Have the usability certificate/proof of usability issued by us in form of an abP.
  3. You conclude a monitoring contract with us.
  4. We come to you for an announced first monitoring visit, examine the QM-system and take samples for the re-examinations. The fire tests are then carried out by us, the remaining tests are carried out by the institutions designated for this purpose.
  5. The results of the monitoring are documented in the monitoring report.

Move to Certification