Only with the certification of your construction product, you will receive the official prerequisite for the “Putting into circulation” or the “Installation” of the product in the European Economic Area!

The certification of a construction product does basically constitute the proof that the product with its respective properties complies with the legal and technical requirements.

For this purpose, we compare the results of the fire test with the requirements of the corresponding technical rule and examine the fulfilment of the prerequisites in the manufacturing plant by means of the monitoring report of the monitoring institution.
A so-called certificate of compliance is then issued based on this proof of compliance.

This is how it works:

  1. We conclude a certification contract with you.
  2. We coordinate the monitoring visits and the resulting product tests.
  3. The certificate of compliance is issued based on the test and monitoring reports.
  4. The certification institution coordinates the evacuation and examination of the „ageing samples“ after two- or five-year outdoor weathering.



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